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Home / Cities / Radhe Maa Organises Sex Parties & Orgies where both Males & Females are exploited, says Designer Kapil Arora, a former devotee
Radhe Maa Organises Sex Parties and Orgies
Radhe Maa Organises Sex Parties where Males & Females are sexually exploited

Radhe Maa Organises Sex Parties & Orgies where both Males & Females are exploited, says Designer Kapil Arora, a former devotee Bureau | 28th August 2015

Fashion designer Kapil Arora, a former devotee of Radhe Maa has come out in the open accusing Radhe Maa of sexual exploitation. Arora who has verified Dolly Bindra‘s claims told Hindustan Times, “Yes, Radhe Maa organises sex parties. She also exploited my 24-year-old male relative.”

Dolly Bindra alleges that some of Radhe Maa’s satsangs and congregations were nothing but semi-naked, sex-orgies where some devotees indulged in group sex. “I cannot describe in words what I went through. They were playing Bollywood item numbers and at the behest of Radhe Maa, her followers stripped naked and assaulted me sexually in the worst ways. The experience was so revolting that I puked. It has taken away all my mental and emotional strength,” Dolly Bindra says. According to the Hindustan Times report, TV show Big Boss’s former contestant Dolly Bindra, an erstwhile follower, has filed a police complaint against the self-styled god woman in Mumbai, alleging that Radhe Maa forced her to take part in sexual orgies during satsangs.


Radhe Maa’s Satsangs were Semi-Naked, Sex-Orgies where some devotees indulged in Group Sex, alleges Dolly Bindra


Radhe Maa’s associates running a national Sex Racket, says Arshi Khan

Dolly Bindra and two other models allege that Radhe Maa asked them to have sex with strangers


Radhe Maa is a Sex Guru who fondled and groped Female Devotees and Kissed and Hugged Males, says Nisha Yadav


Radhe Maa’s Charitable Trust is Fake, says Mumbai Charity Commissioner


Radhe Maa would Grope the Breasts of her Female devotees and would also Kiss them, alleges lawyer


Radhe Maa has over Rs 200 crore of illegal, unaccounted wealth: BCAF

Dolly Bindra also claims Radhe Maa made sexual advances towards her husband. “She uses the worst of Punjabi cuss words when she talks to devotees,” says Bindra, claiming that she’s been getting death threats since she exposed Radhe Maa and lodged the complaint.

Radhe Maa hit the headlines recently after she was accused of inciting a woman’s husband and in-laws to demand dowry, and a photo showing her in a red miniskirt triggered a storm.

Asked why she had kept quiet till now, Bindra says Raadhe Maa had promised her that she will bless her with a child. “Mere man mein bacche ka lalach thaa,” she says.

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