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Radhe Maa Murdered Her Guru, alleges Mahant Shyam Sundar Das a Kangra Priest

According to a PTI report, published by India Today online, a Kangra priest has accused Radhe Maa of murdering her own guru Ramadhin.

The report says, trouble could mount for self-styled god woman Sukhwinder Kaur, who is famously known as Radhe Maa, as a Kangra priest has accused her of murdering her guru.

Mahant Shyam Sundar Das has made a stunning allegation that Radhe Maa murdered her guru Ramadhin. Das also charged Radhe Maa of financial irrerugalities and land grabbing. Questioning the title of godwoman bestowed upon Radhe Maa by her devotees, Das claimed that she indulges in obscene activities.

Radhe Maa has been in the middle of controversies in the recent times. She has been accused of abetting suicide of a woman who was married to her brother Sukhbir Singh. The family of Balwinder Kaur, who was married to the godwoman’s brother, has alleged that Radhe Maa had been threatening to kill the woman.

The victim’s family has alleged that while the godwoman’s father and two brothers were convicted and jailed for 10 years for abetting Balwinder’s suicide, Radhe Maa managed to stay out of jail due to her connections.

The Bombay High Court on Friday granted anticipatory bail to Radhe Maa in connection with the case. The court directed her to submit a cash bond of Rs 30,000 and also be present at police station on 19 and 26 August to cooperate in the investigation.

The Mumbai police, probing the dowry case, served summons on Thursday night after she returned to the city from a tour. During a press conference earlier this week, Radhe Maa had denied her involvement in the case and said she trusted the media as well as the police completely.

“I am pure and pious. The complainant is very poor. If I haven’t taken anything from my daughters-in-law, who belong to royal families, then why will I take money from a poor person who doesn’t have anything to eat?” she said.

A matriculate, Radhe Maa lived in Dorangla village for 17 years till she got married in 1986. Her father owned a makeshift meat shop in the village. She was forced to leave Punjab in 2002 when she kicked off a major controversy by dressing up as Goddess Durga. She migrated to New Delhi in 2002 and later went to Mumbai.

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