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Did Indrani Mukherjea Have Five Husbands? Reports allege Indrani led a very promiscuous life in her youth Bureau | 28th August 2015

Was there a fifth man in Indrani Mukerjea’s life? If speculation is to go by, then yes!

Reports on Friday said that Indrani, wife of former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea, was in a relationship with a Kolkata businessman when she was in Kolkata, much before she married Peter Mukherjea.

Mikhail Bora, Indrani’s son, has so far insisted on not talking about his biological father.

This has led to rumours that Mikhail and Sheena Bora, for whose murder Indrani has been arrested, do not share the same biological father, reported The Times of India.

There’s a buzz in Kolkata about this businessman who many believe could provide clue to the parentage of Bora siblings.

The Times of India quoted a woman friend of the businessman as saying, “He had spoken about knowing her well. He had even spoken about getting ‘smart’ with her. But at that time, all these issues about Indrani’s past had never surfaced.”

According to those regular at Kolkata’s club circuit, the businessman and Indrani’s ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna were friends.

The businessman, now 60, used to be a regular to the club circuit till two years ago when he became ill.

The businessman, as per the daily, hails from a family with political connections and has inherited property.
As per club sources, he even had kids but was still “a favourite with women”.

To piece together the jigsaw puzzle, it may be noted that Indrani is currently married to Peter Mukerjea and had ex-husbands in Sanjeev Khanna and Siddharth Das.

While Indrani had a daughter (Vidhie) from Sanjeev, Siddharth has categorically stated that Sheena and Mikhail were not his children.

While this points to a fourth man in Indrani’s life, the latest revelations show a fifth man could also have had a relationship with the former media honcho and even fathered a child with her.

Reports appearing in different media, suggest and allege that Indrani led a very promiscuous life in her youth. “She had many boyfriends, whom she lived with before she became famous.”

Another report suggest that Indrani and the Mukherjeas’ extended family used to indulge in “wild society parties” which involved even in wife or partner swapping, etc.

One report also suggests that Sheena Bora was pregnant at the time she was murdered and she was carrying the child of a close family friend with whom she spent a secret passionate week in Thailand, a few months before she was murdered. Sheena Bora wanted to keep the child and did not disclose this fact to Indrani. Indrani accidentally found out about her trip to Thailand and confronted both of them. Indrani was already pissed off with Sheena for having  a live-in relationship with Rahul Mukherjea – her husband’s son from another marriage. The Thailand fling was the icing on the cake for Indrani and that is when she decided to kill her.

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