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Another bad season for Goa Tourism likely, as many Russians, Brits and Europeans plan to skip Goa again this year

By Jonathan De Souza | 23rd August 2015

Goa’s Tourism woes are likely to continue for the second consecutive season this year 2015-16, with the common Russian tourist still preferring to stay away from Goa. The common Russian tourist finds Goa ‘trouble’ and no longer peaceful, not to forget – very expensive’. conducted a survey over the last one week on Facebook and other social media sites, including VK  or VKontakte – the Russian equivalent of Facebook – which is the second most popular Russian site after Yandex,  to gauge the opinion of various foreigners including Russians and others from nearby states who have been regulars to Goa over the 4-5 ten years. “We are not coming to Goa this year too,” opined many survey participants. “No Goa” was the common reply we got.

To add to this list several Brits and Europeans plan to skip Goa this season – for various reasons. Goa has become very dirty, noisy and expensive – it is no longer the peaceful ‘heaven on earth’ that it was till a few years ago, was the common refrain among Brits and Europeans.

Michael Lobo, BJP MLA from Calangute while speaking to news agency IANS recently had said that Goa’s burgeoning garbage problem, robberies near beaches and memories of the 2008 sexual assault on a British teenager are still deterrents for  tourists from Britain to visit the state.

According to Lobo, as quoted by IANS, in view of the continuing bleak perspective from the Russian market for the coming tourist season as well, Goa should woo back British tourists. “There are three reasons why tourist arrivals from the UK (Britain) dropped. “One of them is bag snatching near beaches, sometimes at knife-point, the Scarlett rape case and failure to solve our garbage problem,” he said.

According to the IANS report, in 2012, Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office had issued an advisory to its tourists traveling to Goa to be beware of bag snatching in and around the Calangute-Baga beach stretch.

Goa’s inability to manage garbage, especially in coastal areas which often see heaps of filth on roads and fields, has also been a concern for tourism industry stakeholders who have pleaded with the Goa government to address the problem.

Lobo said with the Russian economy in crisis and the expected shortfall of Russian tourists for the 2015-16 tourist season, Goa’s tourism ministry should look to re-invest in tourism promotion in Britain.

with inputs from IANS

By Jonathan De Souza | 23rd August 2015 Goa's Tourism woes are likely to continue for the second consecutive season this year 2015-16, with the common Russian tourist still preferring to stay away from Goa. The common Russian tourist finds Goa 'trouble’ and no longer peaceful, not to forget -…

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  1. Its not just bag snatching thats putting tourists off coming to Goa, but more to do with safety of the place. Too many killed non investigated and unsolved tourist killings have taken place over the years and no solution on sight. The corrupt system that just sweeps them under the carpet and files every killing as an accident or an unnatural death.

  2. The high visa fee has put Brits off. VOA will hopefully attract more short stayers but long stayers do spend a lot. Prices, especially for accommodation, have risen, often with the reasoning that it makes up for numbers but this puts people off
    Yes, rubbish problems need sorting and the police need to be around at night, not spending their days chasing beach sellers. We see no police patrolling at night.

  3. Maybe the visa cost, which tripled for UK tourists, and the farcical system for application should be added to the reasons for staying away. The fact that e visa will be available at a lower cost may not change people’s minds as they last 30 days only. A lot of people stay a lot longer so will still have to follow the expensive online application and make a personal appearance, by appointment, to apply for their visa’s. A loss of wages plus travel expenses plus the visa charge, and postage for mail return, could well be in the region of £300 per person. If Goa wants to keep it’s UK tourist they should be looking at what they expect of them regarding visa’s. The majority of other countries don’t have to jump through such hoops and the costs to them is,I am led to believe, much less.

  4. We are coming back to Goa for 3 months. We did not come last year, the first time for 11 years because of the Russians and Nigerian drug dealers hanging around the side streets. The Brits were being pushed aside by shack owners sucking up to the Russians, who seemed to argue about the price of everything. I hope that the lack of Russian tourists shows how fragile their economy is. Treated right you can always rely on Europeans. The visa on entry should be extended to people who want to spend longer in India. A little more control on domestic tourists would be helpful, as some of them use the beach as a toilet at night, especially near language steps. Apart from that we love Goa and have many Goan friends. In general Goan people are really nice, it seems that it is people from out of state that do not know how to behave.

  5. We still love Goa and will be returning this season after missing last season due to ill health. I agree that the rubbish is an issue as are the bag snatches. We have always felt safe in Goa and hopefully that will continue. One of the main worries is the lack of cooperation the British receive from the Goan Police. I have heard many tales of the police refusing to acknowledge when a crime has been committed and have even heard that they have accused British tourists of lying about thefts from their rooms and safety deposit boxes. I’m not sure whether this is because they don’t want to show the true amount of crime in Goa or whether they are hoping for a backhander from the tourist to issue a crime report.

  6. I personally thought that the British took a back seat when the Russians arrived and over heard that we did not spend enough money which upset me considering I have been visiting India and Goa for over 25 years. To much faith was put into depending on the Russians. As for the Bag snatching the Police are not going to do anything about it so no change. We Visitors to India and Goa have to remember that Rubbish will always be a problem as Tourism greatens so will the rubbish.

  7. Been to Goa 15 times in 15 years. The novelty has worn off. Rip off everywhere from taxi/tuc tuc drivers to street traders. Nonthing is getting better. Bad roads. Unreliable electrics. Unclean streets etc. Corruption. Evil and corrupt police. More and more hotels but no improvement in infrastructure, roads etc. No drainage. Unsafe water from wells being brought by tankers to hotels. It is as bad now as it was 15 years ago. Granted drink is cheap. Visa applications are a real pain. The world is a big place so will be givving Goa and the rest of India a wide berth. Had some really great times but the shine has now gone.

  8. I have been coming to goa for 18 years but not been for the past 2 years. Yes it has become very dirty and costly

  9. Tourism is a hospitality business, Goa has forgotten the basic ingredients of this business

  10. Such a shame….we had the best holiday there in 2014.

  11. After going every year since 1990 we are not going back this year. Reasons being visa and general decline in standards.

  12. It is the cost and long winded process of getting visas mostly. And also the fares have almost doubled in last 5 years from the uk. Monarch who were quite popular from Gatwick do not fly there anymore. Leaving the airlines that do charging extortionate fares. My daughter is having blessing there in feb and the fares for 9 of is was nearly £7,000. We have own accommodation so that is just fares. Far too expensive. But I would say definitely the visas is a big problem !!!

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